COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

COVID-19 Preparedness Plan for Whiplashes Lash Studio

Whiplashes is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our workers and guests. To ensure we have as safe and healthy workplace, we have developed the following COVID-19 Preparedness Plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Managers and workers are all responsible for implementing this plan. Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 in our workplaces and communities, and that requires full cooperation among management and guests. Only through this cooperative effort can we establish and maintain the safety and health of all persons in our workplaces.

Management and workers are responsible for implementing and complying with all aspects of this COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. Whiplashes managers and supervisors have our full support in enforcing the provisions of this policy and we encourage our workers to ask questions, raise safety and health concerns and offer suggestions related to the plan and its implementation.

Our workers are our most important assets. We are serious about safety and health and keeping our workers working at Whiplashes. Worker involvement is essential in developing and implementing a successful COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. Our COVID-19 Preparedness Plan follows State of Minnesota Industry Guidance for our business, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guidelines, federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards related to safety and health precautions required in response to COVID-19 and applicable executive orders. The plan addresses the following:

  1. policies and procedures that assist in the identification of sick workers and ensure sick workers stay home;
  2. implementation of engineering and administrative controls for social distancing;
  3. worker hygiene and source controls;
  4. workplace building and ventilation protocols;
  5. workplace cleaning and disinfecting protocols;
  6. drop-off, pick-up and delivery practices and protocols; and
  7. communications, training and supervision practices and protocols.
  8. what customers and clients can do to minimize transmission;
  9. additional protections and protocols for receiving and exchanging payment;
  10. additional protections and protocols for managing occupancy;
  11. additional protections and protocols to limit face-to-face interactions; and
  12. additional protection and protocols for distancing and barriers.

1. Policies and procedures that assist in the identification of sick workers and ensure sick workers stay home

Workers have been informed of and encouraged to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. The following policies and procedures are being implemented to assess workers’ health status prior to entering the workplace and for workers to report when they are sick or experiencing symptoms.

· Including daily health screening to monitor fever, covid symptoms, or symptoms of ANY sickness.

· If worker is feeling sick or experiencing symptoms while at home, they will communicate with management and guests will be contacted to reschedule appointment. They will not come into work until fever free for 72 hours.

· If workers report they are sick or experiencing symptoms while at work they will be isolated in the workplace until they can be sent home and not return until fever free for 72 hours.

Whiplashes has implemented leave policies that promote workers staying at home when they are sick, when household members are sick, or when they are required to isolate or quarantine themselves or a member of their household. As a small business FMLA does not apply. Guests will be contacted for reschedule and the studio will remain closed during the time worker is staying home.

Whiplashes has also implemented a policy for informing workers if they have been exposed to a person with COVID-19 at their workplace and requiring them to quarantine for the required amount of time. As a solo worker I will be first to become aware of any incident of exposure. If I become ill, test positive for Covid an email will be sent to all Cornerstone Studios Members, guests of Whiplashes, with information about when illness occurred. In addition, a policy has been implemented to protect the privacy of workers’ health status and health information. Pertinent information will be given to contact tracers if worker becomes ill. Protected private information will be withheld from public notice.

  • Social distancing – maintaining six feet of physical distancing
  • Worker hygiene and source controls
  • Workplace building and ventilation protocols
  • Drop-off, pick-up and delivery practices and protocols
  • Communications, training and supervision practices and protocols
  • What customers and clients can do to minimize transmission of COVID-19
  • Additional protections and protocols for receiving and exchanging payment
  • Additional protections and protocols for managing occupancy
  • Additional protections and protocols to limit face-to-face interactions
  • Additional protection and protocols for distancing and barriers

Social distancing of six feet will be implemented and maintained between workers in the workplace through the following engineering and administrative protocols: Social distancing while receiving services is not possible. In effort to limit exposure :

· When you arrive for your appointment call me and you will be let into the building. Eliminating waiting area. Text messages are typically delayed so phone calls will be quicker response time.

· Arrive wearing a mask covering your nose and mouth. Wear the mask for the entire appointment. If you arrive without a mask, handmade masks will be available for $5.

· During the appointment the service provider will be wearing a mask, face shield, and gloves.

· Appointment times will be spread out to allow for extra time to deep clean between guests and also for the HEPA air filter to clear out the air in the treatment room. This extra time will also limit the likelihood of guests crossing paths.

· Only the person receiving the service and the service provider will be in the treatment room. No other guest should attend the appointment. Please do not bring other guests or children.

· After the appointment payment can be made touchless using Venmo, ApplePay, or by credit card. No paper cash.

· Retail items will be available and only handled by workers.

Social distancing of six feet will be implemented and maintained between workers and customers or clients in the workplace through the following engineering and administrative protocols: Social distance in not possible during appointment. Arriving and leaving the appointment will respect the 6 feet distance guidance as much as possible. At arrival 6 feet of separation while you are asked the health screen checklist prior service. Upon leaving the treatment room you can see yourself out of the building to limit interaction. Capacity of the building is reduced per Minnesota guidelines.

Worker hygiene and source controls are being implemented at our workplaces at all times. Whiplashes is meeting and exceeding the hygiene guidelines from the DEED, CDC, and MN Board of Cosmetology. Infection Control standards in the studio were already very high pre-covid. The following steps are being taken:

· Use of EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant used on every surface, tool, equipment, flooring, after every guest.

· Shoe tray for shoe removal at the entrance to the treatment room.

· ALL bedding replaced with fresh linens including full blankets and head area coverings after every guest.

· Single use towels with every hand washing.

· Face mask covering nose and mouth worn the entire appointment. Face shield worn during service. Gloves worn during entire appointment. Proper glove use seen.

· No waxing services in areas under the mask.

· Hand sanitizer and hand washing available to guests in multiple locations.

· Limiting excess belonging. Please bring small bag for personal items like payment method and cellphone. Leave bulkier items behind such as large bags, totes, books/ magazines, drinks, etc.

Reopening the workplace includes necessary sanitation, assessment and maintenance of building systems including water, plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems. For increased airflow the treatment room door will be open. HEPA air filter with anti-bacterial and anti-viral system will be on to cycle the air. NOTE: Humidifier(s) will also be in use.

5. Workplace cleaning and disinfection protocols

Regular housekeeping practices are being implemented, including routine sanitizing of the workplace and frequent sanitizing of high-touch areas. Workers have been instructed that personal equipment and tools should not be shared and, if shared, should be disinfected between users. High levels of infection control practices in place that meet and exceed recommended guidelines. Appointment availability is limited to allow for restricted number of guests per day. Every surface is disinfected using EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant after each guest. All areas disinfected between appointments whether or not touched. High touch areas such as beverages and snacks are removed. ALL bedding replace with fresh bedding after each guest. Only one worker utilizing the treatment room; limiting shared exposure and increasing accountability.

Appropriate and effective cleaning and disinfectant supplies have been purchased and are available for use in accordance with product labels, safety data sheets and manufacturer specifications, and are being used with required personal protective equipment for the product. EPA registered disinfectant used according to manufacturers directions. Appropriate contact time abided. Proper glove use utilized with new sets of gloves replaced after touching a guest or surface. Gloves will be worn during entire service. Face mask with filter that covers the nose and mouth as tightly fitting as possible will be worn by worker at all times. Pre-covid N95 mask was utilized during appointment. Due to shortage of N95 masks currently, multi layers of cotton and filters will be used until a suitable N95 is available. Face shield will be worn during appointment.

Retail items will continue to be available for pickup, drop off and delivery. For Pickup: when order is ready you will be notified via email. The items will be packaged and set in a specific labeled location described to you via the email. The location will be at Cornerstone Studios 2220 Central Avenue NE in the back area parking lot. For Delivery or Drop off: Items will be packaged using best sanitation practices and placed at the desired location observing social distance. Method of choice on the website at checkout.

Retail product also available in studio by appointment. Only workers have access to retrieve product.

This COVID-19 Preparedness Plan was communicated to all workers June 1st and necessary training was provided. Constant gut checking, ongoing communications with management and colleagues, training and supervision practices and protocols from State of Minnesota Industry Guidance, MN Board of Cosmetology, DEED, CDC, are observed. Managers and supervisors are to monitor how effective the program has been implemented. Management and workers are to work through this new program together and update the training as necessary. This COVID-19 Preparedness Plan has been certified by Whiplashes llc management and was posted throughout the workplace June 8th. It will be updated as necessary.

· Check your temperature before coming to appointment.

· Do not come to appointment if you are sick, have a fever or had fever in past 72 hours, been exposed to someone positive for Covid-19, or experiencing symptoms. Contact Whiplashes as early as possible to cancel your appointment. Cancellation fees are lenient during this pandemic.

· If you are sick with ANYTHING reschedule your appointment.

· If you are at higher risk please reconsider scheduling an appointment. Safety first!

· Wash your hands when you enter the building.

· Use the shoe tray to remove shoes when entering the treatment room. Shoes carry lots of ick.

Touchless payments are available via Venmo, ApplePay, and credit card. Regular credit card payments with chips, swipe or tap remain available. No cash transactions at this time.

Cornerstone Studios and Whiplashes are limiting occupancy. Additional entrance and exits available to limit traffic in the building depending on scheduled gatherings in various areas of the building. Appointment times are staggered and reduced to limit traffic.

All meetings, events, and appointments, are scheduled by appointment only. No walk ins.

Occupancy is reduced and available by appointment only. Virtual connections are utilized as much as possible. Face to face services will be preformed in PPE including gloves, face mask covering nose and mouth, and face shield. Product purchases are available through the online shop for delivery, pickup, and drop off.

Members of Cornerstone Studios have reduced office hours or continue to work from home.

Limit in person talking during face to face service. Headphones are encouraged. Maintain distance when possible.

Safety guidelines are to be abided. Protocol consistently updated as new information becomes available.

Certified by: Lynn MC Schuster Owner of Whiplashes Lash Studio

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