Covid-19 Cancelled my lash appointment. 4 tips to maximizing lashes during quarantine

These are strange times. A few weeks ago who could have predicted how differently our lives would be today? In just a short time we went from cautiously aware into shut down mode due to Covid-19 Corona Virus.

Here in Minnesota the Governor made an executive order to close places of public gatherings such as bars, restaurants, and includes ALL salons, spas, massage, etc.

Any place that is regulated by the state board of cosmetology has been officially closed until March 28th 2020. Link to order 20.08 here.

Overnight small businesses closed. Appointments were cancelled for the foreseeable future. News is rapidly evolving. It looks as though the shut down will extend longer than the originally planned 10 days.

What does this mean for your lashes? How can you keep your lashes lasting as long as possible? I will share my top tips for hanging on to your lashes.

~4 tips to stretch your lash fills~

We all want lasting lashes. With great care we can make extensions last as long as possible between lash fills. Hang on lashes! Stay put a while longer!

#1 Wash Your Lashes

- It might sound counter-intuitive, but washing your lashes will actually keep them lasting longer. Skin oils, sweat, makeup, all collect on our eyelids and lash line. When eyes are not washed these oils build up, weakening the adhesive bond and moreover the build up can harbor bacteria. To keep lashes healthy we need to clean them everyday.

HOW lashes are cleaned matters. This is the process that can make or break lashes (literally). Extensions need to be taken care of gently. Rubbing with our hands can be too harsh. Using cotton rounds or cotton balls can leave lint on your lashes that is darn near impossible to remove!

Using a soft bristled brush, stroke your eyelids and lash line to first remove makeup, then rinse out the brush and cleanse area again. This time cleanse the skin and lashes. Think of it like washing the floor. First we sweep, then we mop. We wouldn't get the floors as clean if we skipped the step of removing debris from the surface before mopping to a shine.

My recommendation for cleanser is foaming Lash Lather. The foam bubbles are gentle and get in all the nooks and crannies. For heavier eye makeup, gel Lash Bath is a good option.

#2 Wear gentle eyeliner

As time moves on and extensions start to thin out, a coat of eyeliner thickens up the look of the lash line. A gentle application on the upper lid that avoids the lashes will do the trick. Or get creative with fun wings! Just be sure to use an appropriate extension friendly liner.

Since you do not want to be too abrasive scrubbing your eyes to the remove makeup, choose a liner with a thin consistency that is not sticky. Things like pencil eyeliners or jars and pots, typically contain oils. You should avoid oil based waterproof liner. Traditional oil based waterproof makeup is too harsh for the lash line when it comes time to remove. My preference of liners are compressed powder into liquid with a wet brush (this takes a bit of practice and steady hands). Or felt tip pen style. Felt pens are easy to use and do not require multiple pieces. I really like Accent Line by My Brand Lashes. Accent Line has a precision tip, is smudge proof even water resistant. Plus it comes in multiple colors including Onyx black.

#3 Use mascara sparingly - and ONLY water based

Ok, it is getting serious now. Extensions are shedding more. Gulp....maybe even starting to have gaps....Eep! Now it is time for mascara. BUT not just any old mascara. Let's start with the "what to avoid list."

Avoid mascara that is too thick or tarry. You know the kind. The kind that puullls through the lashes in a thick coat. Nope. Not what you want here. Avoid a textured mascara, like fiber mascara. These fibers are held together with sticky waxes that make it very hard to remove gently. Remember to be gentle when removing eye makeup. -Even without extensions be gentle to the delicate eye skin.- This is the thinnest skin on the whole body. Scrubbing too harsh leads to puffy eyes and bags. And of course, avoid waterproof mascara. The only way to remove waterproof mascara is with oil based remover which will be unfriendly to extensions.

Do go for a smooth texture mascara with a wide bristle wand. The shape of a wand matters. Too densely packed with bristles will fight through your extensions. A wide wand will sweep nicely over the curves of your extensions without digging through the lash line. The goal is to coat the outside of the extensions, not to envelope the whole lash. My go to is Babe Lash Extend mascara. It is made specifically for use with eyelash extensions.

*PRO TIP* when brushing on mascara aim for the middle of the strand and coat up to the tips. Skip brushing from base to tip (the way you would apply on bare natural lashes). Applying this way will protect the bonds of the extensions and make clean up so much easier & gentle. Just remember to use your soft brush when cleaning.

#4 Use a growth serum

Even with the greatest care, hair grows. Eventually the natural lashes will shed and the extensions along with them. This can be a shock at first. After wearing extensions for so long it's easy to get used to the length and fullness they give. Going back to natural lashes can feel kinda...wimpy.

Growth serums boost the natural lash. The natural lashes grow to longer lengths. Think of it like a miracle in a bottle. I love growth serums. I LOVE THEM! To apply it is really easy. It swipes on just like eyeliner. I have a huge list and lots of opinions when it comes to brands of growth serums. That could be a blog all it's own. I highly recommend Babe Lash and my #1 choice is Lilash. (Can you see the hearts in my eyes?)

*PRO TIP* Be patient.

When first starting out a growth serum it will take a FULL growth cycle to start to see results. The serums gets to work right away. In the beginning the serum is promoting the eyelashes in the early phase of growth and feeds natural lashes along the journey. It is working, but you will only notice the length once the lashes grow past the length they typically would. This takes several weeks. Usually 6-12. Once you get over the initial hump, your new long lashes with last until you stop using the serums. When you do stop using the product, you lashes will return to your natural original length.

In summary

While salons are still closed for the foreseeable future, take steps now to care for your lashes. It is always a good idea to cleanse but now more than ever is an opportunity to practice self care. From now until who knows when, after care kits will be available on sale for $25.00 (Plus free delivery for Minneapolis)

$25 After Care Kit Includes:

  • Foaming pump bottle
  • Foaming cleanser
  • Soft cleansing brush
  • Travel spoolie wand with metal case
  • Mesh goodie bag

Interested in the After Care Kit, growth serum, or mascara? Email at for orders. (While I get the online system set up)

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Take care & be well!


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