Lash lift, what is it?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have perky natural eyelashes?

No eye lash curler. No extensions to upkeep. Just darker, lifted, and curlier natural lashes.

That, is a lash lift! It is your own natural lashes with natural looking curl, beautifully lifted.

Just as we all have various hair types...straight, wavy, kinky

Some of us have straight lashes that look flat. This makes our eyes appear smaller or tired. Some lashes lay limp or downward pointed, we’re not seeing the full length. Or those resistant lashes that don’t stay curled! Errr! Conversely, super curly and un-ruley natural lashes can be tricky when applying mascara.

Lash lifting is about to change all that. It is a gentle procedure on your bare natural lashes.

I had someone with one eye having straighter natural lashes, and the other eye had curly lashes. They were not symmetrical. After doing her lash lift both eyes had uniform curl. So so pretty!

Lash lifts last for up to 2 months!

Add a lash tint to darken those top and lower lashes to enhance your look even further. Lash tint is made of botanical based ingredients.

  1. During the appointment, you can expect a relaxing service, reclined with your eyes closed.
  2. The service lasting about an hour.
  3. We'll start with a consultation to determine the type of curl that is right for you.
  4. We can add your lash tint in the same appointment.
  5. Soft pads are applied to your upper lids while serums work their magic.
  6. It is comfortable and painless.
  7. A gentle lift of your lashes while you take a beauty rest.

This process is formulated specifically to be gentle on eyes. We can certainly have a patch test prior to the appointment and discuss any questions.

No curling your eyelashes. No mascara. No upkeep of eyelash extensions. Just your own natural lashes, beautifully enhanced.

Happy lashing


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