Minnesota Tech: Licensed to Lash

Being a lash stylist in Minnesota is a professional career.

Performing eyelash extensions in this state requires special training and licensing. The state Board of Cosmetology governs the laws, rules, schooling requirements and official exams.

Passing your MN Board exams are just the beginning of your Lash Tech journey. As in any industry, but especially in the beauty industry, trends and technology evolve. And so should your skills. BUT don't stress! This is a fun career remember! Classes and learning should be fun. Growing your chops as an artist is part of the good stuff to love about being a lash stylist.

So don't sweat. I'm here to help. As a licensed educator I teach lash programs in Cosmetology & Esthetics schools across Minnesota. I know the ins and outs of the rules and exam reqs. And as a service provider myself, I have real time industry know how.

Starting out and want to learn more tips and tricks? Cool. I got ya covered.

Wanna add services to your lash menu. Need C.E. to renew your license? Courses for you here my friend.

Wanna pass your licensing exams? Study resources for your success.

Goodies on this website to help you achieve your lash goals. Reach out to me with questions and progress updates along your lashing journey!

Keep it up!


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