Wearing mascara on eyelash extensions

Can I use mascara with my extensions?

Quick answer is NO!  

There are so many reasons why not. 

Mascara significantly shortens the lifespan of the extensions.  This is probably the #1 cause of premature lash loss.  

Here’s why:

We all want our lash fringe lush and full.  When we start feeling like they are thinning out it is tempting to reach for trusty mascara for a quick fix to patch up between lash fills.  But don’t!  

Mascara contains parabens, waxes that are difficult to remove on our natural lashes even without extensions.  Completely removing it off extensions is even trickier.  The ingredients can break down the adhesive, weakening the bond.  Meaning the extensions themselves can come off your natural lashes before they were supposed to.  

Counter intuitive, right? 

Secondly, pulling the mascara wand through the extensions puts drag, excess tugging on the lashes.  

You may have heard that if you are absolutely going to put mascara on top of extensions, only apply to the tips.  

This is true. 

 You definitely want to avoid disrupting those bases.  Applying mascara in the same way we normally did before having extensions is a NO-NO.  

  • *Doing so can cause detached bases.  
  • *Detached bases cause lashes to hook on each other.  
  • *Then those little guys get crazy cross-y and hard to brush.  
Now try cleansing that mess. -oh but no rubbing your eyes remember!  Tricky stuff.

Your best bet is to maintain fills to keep lashes consistently full.  There are sealants to protect your investment.  Sealants give more longevity to your extensions.  Making them last longer between your fills.  

Apply a sealant just like you would a mascara.  It comes in a tube, typically with a thin wand.  Put on a coat of the thin liquidy consistency around your lashes and extensions.  This will help block out salt, sweat, makeup, etc.  Great idea for you joggers or before hot yoga or vacationing by the beach.

Sealants offer added protection without hold.

If you feel like you want some more perk on your peepers, try a gloss.  Glosses, unlike sealants, have a gel like consistency that hold lashes in place and leave a shiney glossly look.  This is a good solution for “drooping” lashes.

Now here’s a freebie DIY for you.  Make your own shiney lash gloss with 100% Aloe gel on a clean spoolie wand.     

Happy Lashing


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