Lash Fills. How often should I get my eyelash extensions filled?

How often should I get fills?

This popular lash question…

Quick answer : 2-3 weeks

BUT, the frequency is largely determined by various factors.

As natural lashes grow and shed along with the natural lash cycle.  The eyelash extensions are along for the ride.  Adhesives are getting so good that extensions can stay attached for the life of the natural lash.  It is normal to shed our lashes daily.  Typically 2-5 lashes per day.  Don't worry, new babies are growing in right behind them!  

So to keep those lashes looking luscious fills are recommended on average about 3 weeks apart.  Some people have faster or slower growth cycles.  There are several factors that can cause those extensions to shed before their time.   


#1 Daily maintenance.  What is the makeup routine, use of skincare products, sunscreens?  How about swimming in the ocean, doing hot yoga?  Jogging?  Lifestyle plays the biggest role in the way those lashes are lasting. 

#2 Oils.  We know that oils break down the adhesive.  Weakening the bond.  Likely culprits we point fingers at are water proof and cream based makeups, oily cleanser and face lotions, spray tans, exfoliants- - but don’t forget other sneaky sources.  For instance, hair products contain oils too and those will eventually migrate down.  Whether it be bang tendrils falling into eye fringe, 10 hour+ work day hair & makeup wilting down the forward (you’re not alone in the struggle) or just runoff during shower as well.

#3 Hormones.  Ok now, we are each unique with different body chemistry.   Hormones go up and down fluctuating constantly.   Changes to diet, exercise, stress, new or adjusted medications, supplements, illness, pregnancy and menopause, all play a role.   To begin with we all have slightly varied hair growth cycles and our hormone levels effect growth and loss cycles.  It is super-duper important to keep updated on any pertinent changes so lash adjustments can be made. 

#4 Growth Serums.  Lashes grow out faster.  As they do, more frequent lash fills can be made to remove the out grown extensions and fresh ones applied closer to the lash line.  This is the first part of cleanup during every lash fill.  When using growth serums more of this type of maintenance will probably be necessary during the appointment.  Go ahead and book more regularly or book some extra time with your fills.        

We as technicians can only do our part in the hour or so guests lay on our tables.  The rest of time it is up to the guest to take care of the lashes. The daily well being of those beauties will determine how many extensions are remaining by the next appointment. 

When your guest returns for a fill inspect your work before you begin the service.  How is the lash retention rate?  Look for clues on how well the extensions lasted.  Go through the lash line.  Check for detached bases.  Do they rub their eyes?  How about any product buildup?  Time to clarify cleansing methods.  

This is a great opportunity to learn and grow as an artist.  Just as a hair stylist gets to learn how your hair takes color over visits to the salon; lash stylists get to know the integrity of each guests’ lashes.  Tweak in order to improve.  Demonstrate proper products and appropriate cleansing techniques.

     You will find you will retain your guests when they are retaining their extensions. 


Happy Lashing


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